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[featured_services column_type=’4′ bg=’true’ icon=’building’ icon_color=’white’ title=’AUTOMATIC LOGGING’ link=’’ readmore_type=’button’]Learning is fun. Logging time isn’t. The solution? An automated time log system built right into our site. Whenever you visit, your activity is automatically logged and recorded, making it easy to report your CEU credits. You can also use the system to monitor your commitment and progression toward your education goals.[/featured_services]
[featured_services column_type=’4′ bg=’true’ icon=’comment’ icon_color=’white’ title=’CUSTOMIZED CONTENT’ link=’’ readmore_type=’button’]You want valuable content, not distracting clutter. We feel the same way. So we ONLY deliver the information and updates you ask for. What’s more, you can easily change your content preferences at any time — enabling your education to evolve along with your needs and interests.[/featured_services]
[featured_services column_type=’4′ bg=’true’ icon=’group’ icon_color=’white’ title=’EXTRAORDINARY EXPERTS’ link=’’ readmore_type=’button’]We carefully choose our experts based on the same criteria YOU would use: years in their industry, relevance of their materials, integrity, availability, enthusiasm for teaching, thought leadership, and willingness to support your goals. You can trust these respected professionals to help you get to where you want to go.[/featured_services]
[featured_services column_type=’4′ bg=’true’ icon=’check’ icon_color=’white’ title=’24/7 ACCESS’ link=’’ readmore_type=’button’]Are you inspired by the sunrise, or energized by moonlight? Do you prefer the solitude of your home office, or the bustle of the local coffee shop? With unlimited 24/7 access to all site materials, you can learn where and when it suits you best. It’s the most efficient, effective way available to acquire CEUs and increase your knowledge base.[/featured_services]

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